Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
6071002Histamine96 Tests
6031001Total IgE96 Tests

Autoimmune Disease

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
6021003Anti-CCP96 Tests
6031107Anti-Tg96 Tests
6021004Beta-2-Glycoprotein 1 IgA96 Tests
6021005Beta-2-Glycoprotein 1 IgG96 Tests
6021006Beta-2-Glycoprotein 1 IgM96 Tests
6021007Cardiolipin IgA96 Tests
6021008Cardiolipin IgG96 Tests
6021009Cardiolipin IgM96 Tests
6021010ds-DNA96 Tests
6021011RF IgM96 Tests


Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
6031014Ferritin96 Tests
6031015Folate96 Tests
6031016sTfR (soluable transferrin Receptor)96 Tests
6031017Vitamin B1296 Tests

Bone Metabolism

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
6031018ACTH96 Tests
6031019Calcitonin96 Tests
6031020Intact PTH96 Tests
6181133Osteocalcin (1-43/49)96 Tests
6181132Total 25-OH-Vitamin D2/396 Tests

Cardiac Marker

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
6031021CKMB96 Tests
6021025C-reactive protein (CRP)96 Tests
6031024D-dimer96 Tests
6031023Digoxin96 Tests
6031026Myoglobin96 Tests
6021022Troponin I96 Tests


Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
6021027C-peptide96 Tests
6021028Insulin96 Tests


Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
6031029AMH96 Tests
6021030Beta hCG96 Tests
6021031FSH96 Tests
6021032HCG96 Tests
6031033Human Growth Hormone (HGH)96 Tests
6021034LH96 Tests
6031035PAPP-A96 Tests
6021036Prolactin96 Tests

Infectious Disease

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
6181134C. Difficile GDH Quantitative96 Tests
6181135C. Difficile Toxin A+B96 Tests
6021037Chalmysia Trachomatis IgA96 Tests
6021038Chalmysia Trachomatis IgG96 Tests
6021039Chalmysia Trachomatis IgM96 Tests
6021040CMV IgG96 Tests
6021041CMV IgM96 Tests
6071042COVID-19 Antigen96 Tests
6031043COVID-19 IgA96 Tests
6071044COVID-19 IgG96 Tests
6141046COVID-19 IgM96 Tests
6031045COVID-19 S1-RBD IgG96 Tests
6071047Dengue IgA96 Tests
6071048Dengue IgG96 Tests
6071049Dengue IgM96 Tests
6021050EBNA IgA96 Tests
6021051EBNA IgG96 Tests
6021052EBNA IgM96 Tests
6021053EBV EA IgA96 Tests
6021054EBV EA IgG96 Tests
6021055EBV EA IgM96 Tests
6071056EBV VCA IgA96 Tests
6071057EBV VCA IgG96 Tests
6071058EBV VCA IgM96 Tests
6021059H. pylori Antigen96 Tests
6071060H. pylori IgA96 Tests
6071061H. pylori IgG96 Tests
6071062H. pylori IgM96 Tests
6021063HSV 1 IgA96 Tests
6071064HSV 1 IgG96 Tests
6071068HSV 1&2 IgG96 Tests
6071069HSV 1&2 IgM96 Tests
6021065HSV 2 IgA96 Tests
6071066HSV 2 IgG96 Tests
6071067HSV 2 IgM96 Tests
6071070Malaria Screen96 Tests
6071071Measles IgG96 Tests
6071072Measles IgM96 Tests
6071073Mumps IgG96 Tests
6071074Mumps IgM96 Tests
6071075Mycoplasma IgG96 Tests
6071076Mycoplasma IgM96 Tests
6031077Procalcitonin (PTC)96 Tests
6071078Rubella IgG96 Tests
6071079Rubella IgM96 Tests
6071081Syphilis IgG96 Tests
6071082Syphilis IgM96 Tests
6071085TB IgG96 Tests
6071086TB IgM96 Tests
6071083Toxoplasma IgG96 Tests
6071084Toxoplasma IgM96 Tests
6071087VZV IgG96 Tests
6071088VZV IgM96 Tests


Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
603109017 OH progesterone96 Tests
61410895a-Androstane-3a, 17b-diol Glucuronide (3a-Diol G)96 Tests
6031091Aldosterone96 Tests
6031092Androstenedione96 Tests
6031093Cortisol96 Tests
6031094DHEA96 Tests
6031095DHEA-S96 Tests
6031096Estradiol96 Tests
6031098Estriol96 Tests
6141097Estriol (saliva)96 Tests
6031099Estrone96 Tests
6141100Estrone (saliva)96 Tests
6141105Plasma Renin Activity96 Tests
6031101Progesterone96 Tests
6031106SHBG96 Tests
6031102Testosterone96 Tests
6031103Testosterone (Free)96 Tests
6141104Testosterone (Saliva)96 Tests


Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
6031108Anti-TPO96 Tests
6031110FT396 Tests
6031111FT496 Tests
6031109T396 Tests
6031112T3 Uptake96 Tests
6031113TBG (Thyroxine-Binding Globulin)96 Tests
6021013Thyroglobulin (Tg)96 Tests
6031114TSH96 Tests

Tumor Markers

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
6031116AFP96 Tests
6021117Beta-2-microglobulin96 Tests
6031120CA-12596 Tests
6031119CA-15396 Tests
6031121CA-19-996 Tests
6031118CEA96 Tests
6181138Chrmogranin A96 Tests
6021122Cyfra21-196 Tests
6021123Free beta hCG96 Tests
6021124Free PSA96 Tests
6021126NSE96 Tests
6021127PAP96 Tests
6181130Pepsinogen I96 Tests
6181131Pepsinogen II96 Tests
6021128Pro-GRP96 Tests
6031125PSA96 Tests


Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
6181140Active GLP-1 (7-36)96 Tests
6181136Human Fecal Calprotectin Quantitative96 Tests
6181137Human Fecal/Urine NGAL Quantitative96 Tests
6181139Human Plasma NGAL96 Tests
6181141Total GLP-196 Tests