Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
7021001Total IgE96 Tests
7071268Histamine96 Tests


Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
7031276Erythropoietin (EPO)96 Tests
7021002Ferritin96 Tests
7031003Folate96 Tests
7031004sTfR (soluable transferrin Receptor)96 Tests
7031005Vitamin B1296 Tests

Autoimmune Disease

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
7041006ANA Screen96 Tests
7101007ANCA Screen96 Tests
7021008Anti-CCP96 Tests
7041009Anti-CP IgG96 Tests
7041011Anti-Phospholipids Screen96 Tests
7031014Anti-Tg96 Tests
7041012Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase IgA96 Tests
7041013Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase IgG96 Tests
7031010Anti-TPO96 Tests
7041019Beta 2 Glycoprotein 1 IgG/IgM96 Tests
7021016Beta-2-Glycoprotein 1 IgA96 Tests
7021017Beta-2-Glycoprotein 1 IgG96 Tests
7021018Beta-2-Glycoprotein 1 IgM96 Tests
7021020Cardiolipin IgA96 Tests
7021021Cardiolipin IgG96 Tests
7021022Cardiolipin IgM96 Tests
7041023Cardiolipin Total96 Tests
7021024ds-DNA96 Tests
7101026ENA Combined Screen96 Tests
7101264ENA Profile96 Tests
7181028Gliadin IgA96 Tests
7181027Gliadin IgG96 Tests
7101029Jo-I IgG96 Tests
7041030MPO (p-ANCA)96 Tests
7041031PR3 (C-ANCA)96 Tests
7021032RF IgM96 Tests
7101033Scl-70 IgG96 Tests
7101035Sm96 Tests
7101034Sm/RNP96 Tests
7101036SSA (Ro)96 Tests
7101037SSB(La)96 Tests

Bone Metabolism

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
714103825-Hydroxy Vitamin D96 Tests
7031041ACTH96 Tests
7031248Calcitonin96 Tests
7031040Intact PTH96 Tests
7031039Vitamin D96 Tests

Cardiac Marker

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
7021042C-reactive protein (CRP)96 Tests
7031043CKMB96 Tests
7031046D-Dimer96 Tests
7031045Digoxin96 Tests
7031047Myoglobin96 Tests
7021044Troponin I96 Tests

Diabetes and Pancreatic Disease

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
7141247Adiponectin96 Tests
7041048Anti-GAD96 Tests
7021049C-peptide96 Tests
7021051Insulin96 Tests
7141052Leptin96 Tests
7181259Total GLP-196 Tests


Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
7021053AMH96 Tests
7021054Beta hCG96 Tests
7021056FSH96 Tests
7021060Human Growth hormone (HGH)96 Tests
7021061LH96 Tests
7021063PAPP-A96 Tests
7021064Prolactin96 Tests
7031218SHBG96 Tests

Growth Factor

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
7141065(IGFBP-1)Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-196 Tests
7121067IGF-196 Tests

Infectious Disease

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
7061096Adenovirus96 Tests
7091070Chikungunya IgG96 Tests
7091069Chikungunya IgM96 Tests
7021071Chlamydia IgA96 Tests
7021072Chlamydia IgG96 Tests
7021073Chlamydia IgM96 Tests
7021074CMV IgG96 Tests
7021075CMV IgM96 Tests
7011077COVID-19 Antigen96 Tests
7011078COVID-19 IgA96 Tests
7011079COVID-19 IgG96 Tests
7011080COVID-19 IgM96 Tests
7011082COVID-19 Neutralizing Antibody96 Tests
7011081COVID-19 Total Ab96 Tests
7021083Dengue IgG96 Tests
7021084Dengue IgM96 Tests
7091085Dengue NS196 Tests
7021086EBNA IgA96 Tests
7021087EBNA IgG96 Tests
7021088EBNA IgM96 Tests
7021089EBV EA IgA96 Tests
7021090EBV EA IgG96 Tests
7021091EBV EA IgM96 Tests
7021092EBV VCA IgA96 Tests
7021093EBV VCA IgG96 Tests
7021094EBV VCA IgM96 Tests
7011097H. pylori Antigen96 Tests
7011098H. pylori IgA96 Tests
7011099H. pylori IgG96 Tests
7021100H. pylori IgM96 Tests
7081101HAV Ab96 Tests
7011102HAV IgG96 Tests
7011103HAV IgM96 Tests
7081113HDV Ab96 Tests
7081114HDV Ag96 Tests
7081115HDV IgM96 Tests
7081116HEV IgG96 Tests
7081117HEV IgM96 Tests
7021118HSV 1 IgA96 Tests
7021119HSV 1 IgG96 Tests
7021120HSV 1 IgM96 Tests
7021124HSV 1&2 IgG96 Tests
7021125HSV 1&2 IgM96 Tests
7021121HSV 2 IgA96 Tests
7021122HSV 2 IgG96 Tests
7021123HSV 2 IgM96 Tests
7081130HTLV 1/2 Ab96 Tests
7091131Japanese Encephalitis IgG96 Tests
7091132Japanese Encephalitis IgM96 Tests
7101133Lyme IgG96 Tests
7101265Lyme IgG/IgM96 Tests
7101134Lyme IgM96 Tests
7071135Malaria Screen96 Tests
7021136Measles IgG96 Tests
7021137Measles IgM96 Tests
7071138Mumps IgG96 Tests
7071139Mumps IgM96 Tests
7071140Mycoplasma IgG96 Tests
7071141Mycoplasma IgM96 Tests
7101266Parvovirus B19 IgG96 Tests
7101267Parvovirus B19 IgM96 Tests
7061095Rotavirus96 Tests
7021143Rubella IgG96 Tests
7021144Rubella IgM96 Tests
7091145Salmonella Antigen96 Tests
7071147Syphilis IgG96 Tests
7071148Syphilis IgM96 Tests
7011149Syphilis Total96 Tests
7071153TB IgG96 Tests
7071154TB IgM96 Tests
7021150Toxoplasma IgA96 Tests
7021151Toxoplasma IgG96 Tests
7021152Toxoplasma IgM96 Tests
7021155VZV IgG96 Tests
7021156VZV IgM96 Tests
7091157West Nile IgG96 Tests
7091158West Nile IgM96 Tests
7181159Zika Virus IgG96 Tests
7181160Zika Virus IgM96 Tests

Neo-Natal Screening

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
7031275Neo-Natal 17 OH Progesterone96 Tests
7031225Neo-Natal T496 Tests
7031226Neo-Natal TBG96 Tests
7021227Neo-Natal TSH96 Tests

Parasitology Antibody Detection

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
7051161Ascaris IgG96 Tests
7051162Ascaris IgM96 Tests
7051192Campylobacter96 Tests
7051163Chagas IgG96 Tests
7051164Chagas IgM96 Tests
7051165Clonorchis IgG96 Tests
7051166Clonorchis IgM96 Tests
7051193Cryptosporidium96 Tests
7051195E. coli O15796 Tests
7051167E. histolytica IgG96 Tests
7051168E. histolytica IgM96 Tests
7051196E. histolytica/dispar96 Tests
7051169Echinococcus IgG96 Tests
7051170Echinococcus IgM96 Tests
7051171Fasciola (gigantica) IgG96 Tests
7051172Fasciola (gigantica) IgM96 Tests
7051173Fasciola (hepatica) IgG96 Tests
7051174Fasciola (hepatica) IgM96 Tests
7051271Filaria IgG96 Tests
7051272Filaria IgM96 Tests
7051197Giardia96 Tests
7051194Giardia/Cryptosporidium96 Tests
7051273Gnathostoma IgG96 Tests
7051274Gnathostoma IgM96 Tests
7051175Leishmania IgG96 Tests
7051176Leishmania IgM96 Tests
7051177Leptospira IgG96 Tests
7051179Leptospira IgG/IgM96 Tests
7051178Leptospira IgM96 Tests
7051180Paragonimus IgG96 Tests
7051181Paragonimus IgM96 Tests
7051182Schistosoma IgG96 Tests
7051183Schistosoma IgM96 Tests
7051184Strongyloides IgG96 Tests
7051185Strongyloides IgM96 Tests
7051186T. solium IgG96 Tests
7051187T. solium IgM96 Tests
7051188Toxocara IgG96 Tests
7051189Toxocara IgM96 Tests
7051190Trichinella IgG96 Tests
7051191Trichinella IgM96 Tests


Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
703119817 OH progesterone96 Tests
71411995a-Androstane-3a, 17b-diol Glucuronide (3a-Diol G)96 Tests
7031200Aldosterone96 Tests
7031201Androstenedione96 Tests
7041202Androstenedione Saliva96 Tests
7021203Cortisol96 Tests
7041204Cortisol Saliva96 Tests
7041205Cortisol Urinary96 Tests
7031208DHEA96 Tests
7031206DHEA-S96 Tests
7041207DHEA-S Saliva96 Tests
7141209Dihydro-Testosterone (DHT)96 Tests
7021210Estradiol96 Tests
7031212Estrone96 Tests
7121213Free Estriol (uE3)96 Tests
7141215Pregnenolone96 Tests
7021216Progesterone96 Tests
7141217Progesterone Saliva96 Tests
7021221Testosterone96 Tests
7021220Testosterone (Free)96 Tests
7141222Testosterone Saliva96 Tests
7141211Total Estrogens96 Tests


Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
7021223FT396 Tests
7021224FT496 Tests
7141230Reverse T396 Tests
7021229T396 Tests
7031228T3 uptake96 Tests
7021231T496 Tests
7031219TBG (Thyroxine-Binding Globulin)96 Tests
7031015Thyroglobulin (Tg)96 Tests
7021232TSH96 Tests

Tumor Markers

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
7021234AFP96 Tests
7021235Beta-2-microglobulin96 Tests
7021236CA- 12596 Tests
7021237CA- 15396 Tests
7021238CA- 19996 Tests
7021239CEA96 Tests
7041240CH5096 Tests
7181249Chromogranin A96 Tests
7021245Cyfra21-196 Tests
7021055Free beta hCG96 Tests
7021241Free PSA96 Tests
7021242NSE96 Tests
7021243PAP96 Tests
7181250Pepsinogen I96 Tests
7181251Pepsinogen II96 Tests
7021246Pro-GRP96 Tests
7031244PSA96 Tests


Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
7041252CIC C1q96 Tests
7041253CIC C3d96 Tests
7181254Fecal Calprotectin96 Tests
7181255Fecal NGAL Sample Collection Kit96 Tests
7181256Fetuin A96 Tests
7181257HAHA (Human Anti-Human Antibody)96 Tests
7021068IL-696 Tests
7181260NGAL96 Tests
7181261Plasma Calprotectin96 Tests
7031277Procalcitonin (PCT)96 Tests
7141262Renin96 Tests
7141263Resistin96 Tests