Latex Agglutination

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
5211002Anti- Streptolysin O(ASO)100 Tests
5211004C- Reactive Protein (CRP)100 Tests
5211006Infectious Monoucleosis(Mono)50 Tests
5211008Lupus Erythamatosis(SLE)100 Tests
5211010RF100 Tests
5211013RPR500 Tests
5211018VDRL Antigen500 Tests

Febrile Antigens

Reference NumberNameNumber of Tests/Kit
5211019Brucella Melitensis5 ml
5211020Brucella Abortus5 ml
5211023Paratyphoid A (Salmonella, flagellar a antigen)5 ml
5211024Paratyphoid B (Salmonella, flagellar b antigen)5 ml
5211025Paratyphoid C (Salmonella typhi, flagellar c antigen)5 ml
5211026Proteus OX19 (somatic antigen)5 ml
5211027Proteus OX2 (somatic antigen)5 ml
5211028Proteus OXK (somatic antigen)5 ml
5211029Salmonella Group A Antigen (Somatic Antigen)5 ml
5211030Salmonella Group B Antigen (Somatic Antigen)5 ml
5211031Salmonella Group C Antigen (Somatic Antigen)5 ml
5211032Typhoid H (Salmonella Typhi, Flagellar D Antigen)5 ml
5211033Typhoid O (Salmonella Typhi, Somatic Group D Antigen)5 ml